100 Years of Alaska's Legislature
"From Territorial Days to Today"

1913 to 2013

Juneau, Alaska

State & Territorial

Panel Established to Commemorate 100 Years of the Alaska Legislature

Commission to Educate Alaskans about the Struggle of Attaining Home Rule

JUNEAU-Seven Alaskans have been named to the Alaska Legislative Celebration Commission, which was created when the Legislature passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 24 earlier this year. The commission will organize events to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First Territorial Legislature.

“As we approach the 100th anniversary of Alaska’s Legislature next March, the Commission will take on the role of highlighting the significant and groundbreaking accomplishments of Alaska’s Legislature since 1913,” said Senate President Gary Stevens. “This project is in every way intended to be an educational exercise, exploring the richness of our history in Alaska, and of the impact our Legislature has had in the making of that history.”

The First Territorial Legislature first met on March 3, 1913. It consisted of eight senators and 16 representatives elected from all across Alaska, who met at the Elks Lodge in downtown Juneau until the current Capitol was completed in 1931.

The very first act of the First Territorial Legislature in 1913 gave women the right to vote, several years before Congress took any such action. They also passed 83 other laws in the 60 days of that initial session, including such things as dealing with mining operations, compulsory school age, fire escapes, workers’ compensation, regulating lobbyists, and protecting salmon streams. Over the next 46 years, the Territorial Legislature pushed Alaska closer to statehood, often facing great struggles with the federal government.

“Our journey toward home rule took an unprecedented 46 years after Alaska was purchased from Russia,” said Senator Stevens. “This Commission is tasked with figuring out ways to educate Alaskans about the struggle of attaining home rule, and what the Legislature has accomplished since 1913 when it was created and first assembled.”

Members of the commission will include Senator Gary Stevens, Senator Lyman Hoffman, Representative Mike Chenault, Representative Bill Stoltze, Terrence Cole, Rick Halford and Clem Tillion.

For more information, contact Tim Lamkin in the Office of Senator Stevens at (907) 465-2705 or 100years@legis.state.ak.us  You may also visit the website at: 100years.legis.state.ak.us

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