100 Years of Alaska's Legislature
"From Territorial Days to Today"

1913 to 2013

Juneau, Alaska

State & Territorial

Henry Springer

Date/Place Of Birth: 7/13/36 West Germany

Residency in Alaska: Fairbanks and Interior (Delta, 1960-1975 Healy, Tok, Hurricane) Nome 1975-present

Education: High School-Sugar Valley High School, Loganton, Pennsylvania; 1954; Diploma TechnicalNocational-Krumbach, W. Germany; 1955-1956 CollegelUniversity-Staatsbauschule Muenchen, W. Germany; 1957- 1958; B.S.

Political and Government Positions: 1963-1977, State of Alaska, Dept. of Highways, Project Engineer, Construction Area Engineer, District Maintenance Engineer, District Engineer; 1977-1986, State Department of Transportationl PF, Director (General Design & Construction, Planning and Programming, Maintenance and Operations)

Business and Professional Postions: Owner: Northern Taxidermy; State of Alaska Registered Land Surveyor

Service Organization Membership: American Ornithologist's Union; Wilson Society; Cooper Society; Audubon Society; National Rifle Association

Special Interests : Ornithology, Wildlife Management, hunting, carving, Native Culture