100 Years of Alaska's Legislature
"From Territorial Days to Today"

1913 to 2013

Juneau, Alaska

State & Territorial

Alfred Owen

OCCUPATION: Labor Union Official, Fisherman from Anchorage

BIRTH DATE/PLACE: 03/07/1910
Seattle, Washington

EDUCATION: College/University: University of Washington, Bachelor of Arts

SPOUSE: Hazel (Last name unspecified)

CHILDREN: 7 children (names unspecified)

EMPLOYMENT: Operator, Shingle Mill, Kennydale, Washington;
Chief Clerk, Post Engineers, Ft. Greely;
Employee, War Manpower Commission, Fairbanks;
Manager, Territorial Employment Service Office, Kodiak;
Commercial Fisherman;
Director, US Department of Labor, Apprenticeship Training Program;
Secretary, United Fishermen of Cook Inlet;
Business Agent, International Longshoremen's Association, Local No. 38171;
Public Relations Representative, Laborers' Local No. 341, Anchorage;
Operator, Sales Agency, Heavy Duty Equipment, Anchorage;
Established, Cannery, Uganik Bay, Kodiak Island

SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS: Member, US State Department's Fishery Industry Advisory Committee; Chairman/Member, Advisory Committee, American Section, International North Pacific Fisheries Commission; Member, Anchorage Port Commission; Member, Anchorage City Council; Member, Kodiak City Council

OTHER: Candidate, Territorial Commissioner of Labor, 1950