100 Years of Alaska's Legislature
"From Territorial Days to Today"

1913 to 2013

Juneau, Alaska

State & Territorial

Alvin Osterback

BIRTH DATE/PLACE: 01/21/1915; Wasasinski, Alaska


CHILDREN: Lorraine, David, Erna, Svea, Alvin

OCCUPATION: Fisherman, Builder from Sand Point

EDUCATION: High School: Unga, Alaska

EMPLOYMENT: Chairman, Advisory Board for Fish and Game; Member, Advisory School Board, Sand Point; Builder, Sand Point's first theater, cafe, variety store and bakery

MILITARY SERVICE: ATS Army Transport Service, WWII

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Member, Eagles Club of Alaska; Member, District 15, Southcentral District Democratic Committee

SPECIAL INTERESTS: Native educational opportunities, hunting, fishing, electronics, radio, teaching the youth of District 15 about the fishing industry, developing and preserving resources